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January 25, 2011
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Hey, Aisu-chan. Oh shut up I know it sounds girly. Just hear me out. I'm not trying to sound cliché, I just thought, thanks to all Rins girly films, that this would be a nice idea.

So Kaito, here goes. You should know that I think the world of you. Ever since the day I met you, as shy as anything to meet my new family. I had looked at the floor as you, Miku, Meiko and Rin talked to me, my sister was so much more confidant. But I didn't need to stay shy for long, you patted me on the shoulder and asked whether I wanted to share some ice cream. I was so stunned by your voice, the way you looked, everything was so appealing to me. If you remember it took me a while to actually answer your question, I think what actually came out was something like 'yeawellmaybewhat cream, ice cream. Okay.'

How embarrassing. Why did I feel the need to remind you of that time? Oh yes. I was talking about you. Dammit Kaito you're brilliant. You know we became fast friends, we were able to share a room and we'd spend the night talking about silly things like banana ninjas and a world where ice cream was free. Also when I was having a problem with Gumi at school, you made it better again. And remember that time where you had gotten lost on a train? I had to come and find you. And we walked home, you clinging to my arm the whole time, like a little kid. Now that was one of the best times of my life.

As far as love letters go this is failing, I am trying Kaito, I really am. It is just hard to put into words how much I really do love you and how scared I am to tell you anything. You probably don't even think it is right for me to love you, you are older than me, you are like my brother, why should I love you? I don't know. I just do.

I was heartbroken when you and Miku did Magnet together, then the press, they kept saying how you two were now together. In love. Voca-love. I felt betrayed, I wanted to be the one with you! I still do! I love you Kaito! I could just scream it from the roof tops, for the world to hear. You may only see me as your best friend, but you know there is something more. Can you see it now?

Kaito I promise you, even if you don't love me too, I will always be by your side. I will help you in everything that you do, support you too. I will be happy when you are happy, I will cry when you cry. And when you want me to go away. I will. Although Kaito, please, please don't send me away. I don't want to be without you.

Every part of me is saying that it is wrong to love you the way I do. But I don't care. I think you are amazing, brilliant, talented, the best person, and even though you are a boy, you are beautiful.

I hope you understand now Kaito. And it really is a shame that you will never know any of this, of how I love you. Because I am keeping all of this, locked up in my diary. I love you.

Lalalala. Fluff.
Oh dear, this is what happens when I am supposed to be doing homework. Terrible yaoi fanfiction!

Love letters are cute. kthx
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